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Food is medicine and it is morally neutral. Nutrition is a part of the Corazon Holistic Health Model because it is an essential and important part of all healing and building a healthy relationship with food is the foundation of health. Our gut health is a vital part of mental health and our immune systems. Our gut sends 9 messages to our brain for every one message sent from the brain to our gut. Our gut is running the show! We have built many of our beliefs and value systems associated with food. Learning to use food as a healing part of your journey to health, both physically and mentally, is an invaluable gift.


Services include but are not limited to the following examples:

  1. Assessment of current Nutrition

  2. Nutrition education

  3. Healthy Weight education and planning

  4. Specific Health Needs with diagnosis

  5. Recipes, shopping, and meal planning


Meet Our Nutritionist

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