Massage Therapies

We all know how quickly pain and tension in our body can enter our minds and impact our quality of life. The Corazon Holistic Health model incorporates massage due to the many health benefits: lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, increasing circulation, energy, improving your immune system, reducing pain and muscle tension, decreasing stress and anxiety, and increasing relaxation. These treatments can decrease the risk for heart disease, tension and migraine headaches, and stress related disorders. Massage therapy is incorporated into the mental health counseling portion of somatic therapies to connect the mind-body connection and bring more awareness to where we store our life experiences in our body. This storage is the beginning of how illness and disease take root in our bodies. Somatic therapies, such as massage, address the often-hidden connection between our mind and our body allowing for true healing.


Swedish Massage (60 min=$80; 90 min= $115) 

Working with muscles and joints, Swedish massage is designed to relax and energize the body while relieving aches and pains. Swedish massages have been proven to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety while increasing blood circulation, boosting immunity, increasing moods, and promoting nerve stimulation. Typically, light to medium pressure.

Prenatal Massage (60 min=$80; 90 min=$115)

Prenatal massage uses lighter pressure to increase relaxation and relieve aches and pains. Research shows benefits in regulation of hormone levels, improved labor outcomes, decrease in stress and symptoms of depression just to name a few. 

Deep Tissue Massage (60 min= $90; 90 min=$130) 

Targets deep layers of muscle while slow, firm pressure is applied to release muscle tension, typically to treat injuries or chronic pain. Research shows the benefits of increases in range of motion, and lower blood pressure.

Hot Stone Massage (60 min= $90; 90 min $130)

During a hot stone massage several smooth, flat, heated stones are placed all over the body. In addition to previously mentioned benefits of therapeutic massage, hot stone massages also can help to improve sleep and may reduce symptoms of autoimmune diseases. 

Reflexology (30 min=$30)

A reflexology session will focus on applying targeted pressure to specific areas on the feet. The theory behind reflexology is that areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. Pressure applied to the foot can promote relaxation and healing to the corresponding area of the body.


Aroma Therapy $10 

Hot Stones $20 

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