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Licensed Counseling and Therapy 

We are accepting new clients! Making the choice to seek counseling is the first step to whole body mental health. At Corazon, we offer a unique approach to counseling using evidence-based practices and somatic therapies, providing education and techniques to reach each individual's holistic health goals. Our team specializes in trauma, addictions, and relationships of all types and see clients 5+years and older. It is important that your counselor/therapist is the right fit for you. We are LBGTQ+ friendly and meet everyone where they are on their own journey.

Autism Diagnostic Testing

Although some people are diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) at a young age, many people have less obvious traits, but ones that are highly disruptive to the individual,  that are often missed or misdiagnosed. Symptoms of anxiety and depression can often co-occurring in autistics. As an adult or adolescent it is often difficult to find practitioners who have the knowledge and skills to test or treat ASD, adding another level of frustration. Having a formal diagnosis and support can help individuals understand their experience with social engagement, anxiety, trauma, sensory sensitivity, relationships, and connectivity.  Finding the right support can increase life satisfaction and create a clear path to achieving life goals. Call today for a FREE screening. 

Yoga and Meditation

There are many benefits to yoga, and each person will benefit in diverse ways. Yoga and meditation are a slow medicine for the body and mind.  Our yoga teachers offer a variety of practices that are suited for all levels of practitioners. Join us for weekly classes or schedule a private session. Modifications and options will be provided so that everyone will have a practice unique to their personal experience, abilities, and desires.

Guided Self Massage

We all know how quickly pain and tension in our body can enter our minds and impact our quality of life. The Corazon Holistic Health model incorporates massage due to the many health benefits it creates, such as: lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, increasing circulation, increasing energy, improving your immune system, reducing pain and muscle tension, decreasing stress and anxiety, and increasing relaxation. Massage can decrease the risk for heart disease, tension and migraine headaches, and stress related disorders.


Stop in and experience the warmth and energy of the bodega for yourself! We source products from local artisans that support a whole body mental health lifestyle. From educational books, to candles, crystals, local honey, mushroom coffee, tea and more, treat yourself or give a gift to family and friends! 

Sound Baths

Engage in an immersive full-body listening experience that uses deep sound vibrations to invite gentle, yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes into the body offering relaxation and healing. 

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