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Sound Baths

Research shows that Some of the many benefits of sound baths include but are not limited to stress reduction, enhanced mental clarity, emotional release, sleep improvement, synchronization of brain waves, deep relaxation, stabilized mood, managed anxiety. and sharpened focus and creativity. 

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Sound Bath - 1 Hour


Lie in comfort and listen to the sounds and feel the vibrations of crystal and metal sound bowls being played around you.

$75 (30 minute work week reset, weekdays for one person only)

$125 (one person)

$200 (two people)

$250 (three people)

Contact us for pricing on larger groups


Sound Massage - 1 Hour


A one-on-one experience where metal sound bowls are placed on your body and gently tapped as part of the sound bath. Feel the relaxing experience of the vibrations moving deeply in your cells. Be sure to wear comfortable, unrestrictive clothing to your session. 

$145 (one person per session only)

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