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Mental Health Medication Management

Genetic Testing
Medication for Mental Health Diagnosis

Corazon Holistic Health is excited to partner with Turning Tides, LLC and Jennifer Stutts, FNP-BC to offer Mental Health Medication Management. These services can assist in coping with mental health symptoms and diagnosis, help to find balance and new energy, and open doors to reach your optimal holistic health goals. Medication management services are provided at the discretion of your provider. A thorough, realistic treatment plan will be established with you in mind. Medications are provided, however these are sent directly to your pharmacy for convenience.

Initial appointments for new clients can be anxiety producing. However, upon arrival you will be greeted with a calming and relaxed atmosphere. New client evaluations are typically 60 minutes. During this evaluation, your provider will perform and in- depth assessment and medication review to determine the right treatment plan.

Follow up appointments for returning clients are 20 minutes. This allows for assessment of recent medication changes or new symptoms.

Diagnosing a mental health condition takes time and is not done in haste. Once a diagnosis is made through careful evaluation and using the most up to date criteria, it will be discussed in detail and a treatment plan that is realistic will be established.

Urine drug screens are performed at random by your provider. This most often occurs at your appointment and is needed to ensure compliance with the treatment plan. This also allows trust to be established between you and your provider.

Blood work may be required to monitor blood levels of certain medications and to monitor the body’s ability to maintain balance. Labs are ordered electronically through Quest or LabCorp and are directly sent to your provider after results return, this allows for best care practices and convenience to both providers and our clients.

Turning Tides, LLC is proud to partner with Genesight to offer genetic testing for medication management services. Genesight offers the most up to date, evidence based model for genetic testing. Genetic testing goes beyond who you are and where you come from. With Genesight’s proven science and clinical background, your results will allow your provider to determine which psychiatric medications work best for you and your body. It is cutting edge clinical science that is offered at low cost options with a payment plan.​

Please speak with your provider should you have questions.

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